There are two things that I have continued to thank God for over and over since we got here.

One is that I am so glad that my husband is with me.  I can’t imagine going through this with anybody else.  He has been such a comfort to me, such a strong leader, he knows the culture, he can count Shillings;), he can understand the Ugandan accent way better than I can.  I have always loved him and been proud to be called his wife, but this journey has really deepened my love for my husband.  I thank God for the helpmate that God has placed in my life through him!

The second thing is the kids.  I won’t lie, almost every step has been made more difficult with the kids alongside, but I truly would have it no other way.  I don’t feel torn being here because I know my whole family is here with me.  They bring a smile to these sweet people.  They have brought life into our relationship with Shabila.  I can’t imagine how slow our progress with her would be without our other kids here to play with her, love on her, and giver her a sense of security.  She sees that they trust us as their mommy and daddy, and I believe that she will be more eager to trust us because of that.

Today has been a day of bonding.  We haven’t left the guesthouse at all.  In fact, Cai and Shabby are sleeping while Areyna and Zeke “rest”, giving Josh and I some alone time to process the last few days.  They spent the morning running around the yard, kicking the soccer ball, brushing mermaid hair, playing with legos, coloring and swinging.

We’ve needed today to just lay low and adjust.  Like I mentioned earlier, Shabby has had a terrible cough but during the night became increasingly more warm.  I decided I needed to take her temperature.  It was 102.2.  I gave her some Tylenol, but it continued to increase and decrease all night long.  They had already tested her for Malaria, which came back negative, but sometimes those tests are taken too early.  We will see how tonight goes for her.  I feel awful for her.  Nobody wants to be among strangers when they don’t feel well…