Yesterday was a very long day.  We woke up at 6am to get ready to go to Kampala and begin the process we came here for:)

I typically get very antsy when it comes to appointments and just sitting around, especially when it’s Africa time we are talking about, but I had been praying all night long that God would sustain me and that we would get much accomplished with peaceful hearts.  I know the Lord is who got me through the day.  That and the fact that I got my first full body, warm shower since we had arrived!  I think I thanked God at least 2 dozen times as I stood under the hot water…

The first stop was for Shabila to get her Passport pictures taken.  I was planning on Josh taking her in since he is so much better at paying for things and understanding the Ugandan accent.  Then the driver said, “You go with the girl.  I will go find parking.”

I gave Josh a terrified look and hopped out of the car as I headed toward our first destination.  I found the right shop and the man behind the counter took us right back to get her photos taken.  She was a little timid in front of the big lights but she did great after we told her how beautiful she was:)

Josh and I totally switched roles yesterday.  He sat in the car dishing out snacks and maintaining crowd control in the vehicle for hours and hours while Shabila and I went in to all her appointments to knock things off our list one by one.

We were able to get her photos done, her initial Embassy visit complete and her medical done.  She did really well everywhere.  I didn’t have a single toy to play with so we spent a lot of time observing and getting to know each other.

Part of her medical exam was to have a TB test taken.  It absolutely broke my heart to have to hold her down as she screamed “Mama! Mama! Mama!”.  She was clearly scared of the needle and I am supposed to be the one she can count on to keep her safe.  Man, it was tough, but we made it through.

While spending so much time with my Shabby I have noticed a few things about her.  She is a very girly girl.  She absolutely HATES to be dirty.  She was eating some chips (french fries) and insisted on using hand sanitizer or a wipe after every bite because she didn’t like to be dirty.  It was cracking me up:)  She is very particular with where she places things.  She seems to like to organize and she is the only one of my kids that actually helps me clean up, ha! We are going to get along just nicely:)

We are getting more and more acclimated as a family.  She is getting less scared of things.  Areyna caught a praying mantise outside this morning and you could tell she sure didn’t want to touch it or be too close to it, but she laughed from a distance instead of crying and running to mommy.  She has learned to fight back with Cai, this is going to be an essential to be part of our family.  She has begun cuddling up to Josh and playing with him more and more.

We are staying at a new guesthouse here in Kampala until Thursday since our court day is TOMORROW and we have a few other things to knock out before the weekend!  We have met several other families here at this house who are a couple of weeks ahead of us in the process so it’s been really nice to hear their stories and experiences!

We got in a full day of school with Areyna and Zeke this morning while Josh occupied the little ones.  It was nice to have something to take up some time as we just hang out.

A few things to pray for us about:

That court will go smoothly tomorrow.  Pray that we can keep our kids under control;) and that it won’t last 4 hours, as we’ve heard can be the case!

Pray that we can keep open communication with our attorney, and others involved, in order to expedite our process.

I have been feeling great.  I’ve actually almost forgotten that I am 21 weeks pregnant at times.  Pray that I can continue to be nauseas-free and comfortable.

Pray for the continued adjustment to the culture for Zeke and Cai, especially.

Pray for Josh and Shabila’s relationship to thrive!