Today was like no other Sunday I’ve ever experienced. Not at home nor here in Uganda.

It’s church day. We were already trying to prepare the kids for what Ugandan church was like, but there is no explaining it to a 5 and 6-year old. Heck, there’s no explaining it to an adult.

When we come here with teams on a mission trip I LOVE church. I love to dance and clap along to the songs. I love to try to pick out words in their language that I have been working on. I love to see their genuine worship! It’s beautiful.

Today, I was told, on the way to church, no less, that I would be in charge of the children’s class. Um…ok. I had not prepared a thing. I didn’t know how much time I needed to take up. And…I had 4 children that I was in charge of, since Josh was preaching both messages next door. Shabila was terrified of all the people when we first arrived. I felt drained and overwhelmed before I even began.

While teaching the lesson the interpreters kept hinting that we really needed to keep moving and so I skipped through many application parts that I could have added. When I got to the end, though, they were shocked that I was done. I guess it was a miscommunication, not knowing what they had meant:) Oh well, it’s Uganda…

The lesson itself wasn’t so bad, it was mainly the shock of the atmosphere for Rainy, Zeke and Cai as well as a scared Shabila. She would not let me put her down. Cai would not let me put him down. Zeke’s tummy hurt and had one of his own freak out moments in front of the class. Areyna just sat there dazed. I mean, what did I expect? They are just as overwhelmed as I have been. They have never been here. They have never experienced this culture before, not to mention their bathroom facilities out in the village…

I already told Josh that the kids and I would stay back and play next week.

We got home, had lunch and it was definitely rest time for the little ones. Godfrey’s two youngest sons came over to play with Areyna and Zeke. They had a BLAST!

I tried my hand at hand washing our clothes. It is very expensive to pay for your clothes to be washed and now I know why! I have the bruises to prove it! With a family of six, in Uganda, you can only imagine the laundry that has piled up over the past week. Just to give you an idea of how good I was doing, the staff were getting a good chuckle out of watching me until David, one of the locals came to give me a hand and show me how it is really done:)

After a good nap, our sweet Shabila was back! Josh and I have been working on me giving her space to let Josh love on her more and more. She seems to have distanced herself from him for some reason…until 3 plates of dinner have been devoured and it is bathtime. After a bath she is wide open, clowning around with the other kids and acting just as silly as they do! He takes over completely so she will learn his consistent love for her as well.

So, although the day started off rocky (I may have grabbed Josh’s hand and told him I didn’t think that I could do this anymore) the night ended better than any night yet!

I cannot explain the roller coaster we are on right now…

We packed up tonight because we leave for Kampala tomorrow to begin the paper trail to the end. We have trips to the Embassy, medicals, passport pictures and the dooming court date just lingering over my head. I feel like once we get started maybe I will have a better grasp of the tasks that need to be completed, but right now it just seems a bit unattainable.

So, sorry to be a downer, but the adoption process is not always as beautiful and sweet as it is portrayed. There are going to be doubts, there are going to be times that you feel confident and those may happen within 2 minutes of each other. But our Lord is Consistent and his mercies are new every morning. He is faithful and He is loving and He promises to stand in the gap of our inadequacy. And that is what I am standing on today!

Oh, one more thing! Shabila is pretty much potty trained! It is awesome! She only used 1 diaper all day! We are pretty proud of her and praise her for how big she is:)

There, that’s a better way to end the post. Here’s to a productive day tomorrow!