As we pulled into the Arise Africa guesthouse we sighed a breathe of relief.  We had finally arrived at our home away from home here in Uganda!  It is so surreal to have the kids here with us this time.

The kids did great on the flight.  Cai slept the first 3-4 hours and Rainy and Zeke zonked out after a couple hours and slept the rest of the flight.

We have found a few benefits to traveling with kids.  See, I told you I’m trying to find the positive side of things;)  The Visa crew let us go to the front of the line and then we didn’t even have to have to have our seven bags checked at security.

Cai has been quite the conversation piece.  It’s not every day that the Ugandans see a chubby pale-skinned, blonde-haired, blue eyed little toddler!  They all warm right up to us when he smiles at them:)

We arrived to an unknown driver holding a sign with our name on it, so we reluctantly followed him to load up his vehicle.  He ended up being a very nice (and quiet) man working with the driver for our agency.

He was able to take us straight to our Attorney appointment that we had to miss yesterday.  We were so thankful to have been able to make that meeting in order to come straight to Jinja after a few short errands that we needed to run.

The trip from the airport to Kampala was one of the longest ever.  I don’t know if it was the exhaustion, the hunger, or the 6, 428 questions I answered between Rainy and Zeke along that first hour and a half stretch.  It was awesome to be able to make this trip during the day so the kids could see all the things that we so often miss when we arrive late at night.  You know, the shacks with raw meat hanging in the breeze, the kids walking to school, the Boda Boda’s, the ladies carrying baskets on their heads, the huts that are houses which just happen to be right next door to the really nice fenced-in brick house, the cars that come just inches from knocking off your side mirrors on the car…oh wait, that did happen to us today…nobody was hurt and they just say a few words to each other as they continue to keep driving and then they part ways.  The funny thing is that I had just been thinking, “wow, as many times as I’ve been here we’ve never been in a car accident…” and then crunch:)

We’ve now unloaded into our room here in Jinja and can smell dinner cooking in the kitchen.  We are all looking forward to full bellies, a nice warm bath and a LONG restful nights sleep.

Because tomorrow is a BIG day!  Tomorrow we get to go get our girl!:)