Well, thankfully we did have a smooth landing…but we are back here in London for another day.

The day seemed to drag on and on yesterday.  The kids have been pretty testy at times, but who can blame them when they are contained to a small “family room” for 14 hours (off and on) to shoot spider webs, wrestle and act like a kid of any sorts.  They have done exceptionally well due to their given circumstances.

We ate our dinner at the Admirals club and wished it farewell!  It was nice, but we were so glad to leave:)

We began our trek across the London airport to our next terminal/gate.  The signage was terrible and everyone we asked gave us the runaround as to how to get to where we were going.

I must interject here: every step of this journey so far has had an element of surprise.  I am not a girl who necessarily loves surprises, ha!  I’m used to control and schedules and things happening in order…

I must say, though, that we are getting pretty darn good at saying, “Well, at least___________”, knowing that it could always be so much harder or worse.

So, carrying on with the story…we finally find our gate (about an hour and a half later, no exaggeration) and wait for our airplane.

We are all very exhausted, which is a good thing because we have a 9 hour flight and all the kids were ready for some sit down time to sleep.  Actually, Zeke had been passed out in the stroller through the whole escapade through the airport, both security checkpoints and all:)

We board the not-so crowded plane and learn that we had an extra row to sprawl out in, which was AWESOME!  Areyna took the 2 seats by the window and was asleep before we took off.  Cai and I took the 3 seat row behind Zeke and Josh and we got the kids all cuddled up.  Micaiah and Zeke were both asleep shortly after the airplane announcements and I thought we were home free!

I fell asleep as well, but woke up to some loud announcements on the intercom.

Josh told me that we had been told that we had some kind of problem with the aircraft and that we had to turn around.  We’d been going for well over an hour.  On arrival at the airport fly zone, we were too heavy due to the amount of full that we had to fly around in circles for an hour or so to lose that weight just so we could land.

The kids continued to sleep until everyone started piling off the flight.  They were so confused.  I was so confused.  We were told that we had to claim all our luggage.  We have 7 checked bags, and that’s not including all the stuff we’d been lugging around the airport…and the kids!

We were all herded through customs and then waited in more lines.

After another couple of hours we finally got word of our rooming arrangements and that we were allowed to keep our bags checked and held until our flight tomorrow night.  We were bused over to the hotel, which had a problem getting our family a room, so we waited…and waited…and waited for them to communicate with the airport so we could get these kids in bed.

See, here is the good part of the story:  Yes, the kids (me included) would have probably slept the entire flight to Entebbe, yes, we missed our meeting with our Attorney in Kampala the following afternoon, yes, we have been tested and tried and stretched…but we had a safe landing from whatever kind of emergency the plane had, we all got to sleep several consecutive hours in a very nice hotel, I got a wonderful shower, even though two of the five shower heads shot straight in my eardrums, ha, (This London airport has been quite the experience:), and we are all much happier campers, for whatever adventure the Lord has in store for us today.

So, another baby step is complete.  Even though this step, and the few following it, were not expected, we will welcome them with happy hearts.

Josh and I were just talking yesterday, after we turned the stroller and straggling kids around for the sixth time yesterday looking for our gate, that this is a labor of love.  It’s kind of like childbirth, except this time the whole family can jump in the experience with me.

Today I am clinging to 2 verses/phrases that I am repeatedly reminded of.  They are soothing to my soul when I feel like I can’t take another step.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  We are praying for strength and endurance.  We are praying for “happy hearts”.  We wait expectantly to see how the Lord will play this story out.

“Rest in the Lord.” Yes, I will rest in Him, who gives me strength.

So, until next time…thank you for your continued prayers, and for putting up with my wordiness:)