We just settled into a little family room in the Admirals Lounge at the London airport.  The kids are running around, playing on some game computers while Josh and I take shifts getting some rest.

The first flight is complete!

We made it past my first goal.  I know, we have only just begun our journey, but the only way we are ever going to make it to the end is one little baby step at a time.

The flight was successful.  Cai LOVED looking out the window and any time he saw lights he yelled out “Star! Star!”. Zeke won a kiss for sleeping the longest and Areyna has been great.  She can go to the bathroom all by herself, which is a HUGE help:)

Everyone around us was very pleasant (at least when I made eye contact with them, ha!) and the flight attendants were Great with the kids.

Besides having to throw away the kids toothpaste, our contact solution, and 2 different kinds of lotion during our second security checkpoint here in London I’d call it a success so far.

I can’t tell you how thankful we are for those of you lifting us up in prayer.  Don’t stop, we’ve still got a long way to go:)